Pre-Publication & Pre-Broadcast Review

Thomas & LoCicero provides pre-publication and pre-broadcast review of news stories for television and newspaper editors and reporters throughout Florida and across the country.

We vet stories to identify legal risks and foster and encourage the highest quality journalism.

Our lawyers have a deep understanding of media law and the news industry. In fact, several of our lawyers are former journalists, have journalism degrees, or have advanced degrees in mass communications. We can help you identify potential legal risks, such as defamation, invasion of privacy, and copyright infringement. We can also help you ensure that your stories are factually accurate and protected by relevant privileges.

We believe that the best defense of a news story is proper research and sound reporting.

At TLo, we’re here to make sure stories are not only informative, but legally protected.

If you are a journalist or news organization, we encourage you to learn more about our pre-publication/pre-broadcast review services.