Your business, your brand, and your voice are worth protecting.

At Thomas & LoCicero, our clients benefit from our “big firm” experience and know-how while enjoying the convenience and personal attention that only a “boutique firm” can provide. Our nickname, TLo, says much about who we are – brand conscious, informal, and direct.

Your Business

For your business, TLo provides innovative and practical solutions to commercial disputes, freeing you to focus on your company’s core mission and financial success.

Our skill and responsiveness also empower your marketing and branding efforts. From clearing trademarks to licensing intellectual property to litigating copyright and trademark claims, we strive to ensure you can remain on-brand and ahead of the competition.

Your Brand

Your Voice

And, of course, TLo has a powerful history of safeguarding free speech and a free press. Every day, we help journalists, television networks, filmmakers, social media leaders, and other speakers navigate the challenges of libel, slander, and defamation law, as well as invasion of privacy claims.

TLo strives to make sure our clients’ voices are always heard.

Your is central
to your success.

At Thomas & LoCicero, your success defines who we are