Appellate Practice

Thomas & LoCicero litigators focus on positioning cases for successful appeals, vigorously defending favorable outcomes obtained in trial courts, and diligently seeking reversals or new trials when necessary.

Our appellate lawyers have won cases at all levels of appeal, from intermediate state and federal appellate courts to the U.S. Supreme Court

Because of our reputation as appellate lawyers, clients frequently call upon us to file amicus curiae (i.e., "friend of the court") briefs in appellate cases. This means that when we are your lawyers, there's no need to hire new appellate counsel if a ruling is appealed.

We effectively and efficiently handle your case from start to finish.

The TLo appellate team offers a wide range of appellate services, including:

  • Supporting trial teams:

    As “embedded” appellate counsel, TLo litigators offer strategic insights for an anticipated appeal. We help build a strong record, preserve the right to challenge trial court errors, and anticipate the tactics of the opposing counsel.

  • Taking ownership of your case throughout the appeal process:

    Our appellate attorneys have wide-ranging experience in leading appellate strategy, drafting appellate briefs, and delivering compelling oral arguments.

  • Refine and perfect arguments:

    Our appellate team assumes that no detail is too small when it comes to perilous “bet-the-company” cases. We exhaustively examine every possible scenario to ensure no surprises in court.

See what our appellate lawyers can do for you.

Our goal is to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients throughout the appellate process.