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Data & Privacy

Now more than ever, companies must be able both to capitalize on – and guard - data. Thomas & LoCicero attorneys have been assisting clients with data and privacy issues for decades. We have significant experience helping clients obtain government data, and we regularly counsel clients concerning the handling of private information.





Thomas & LoCicero also routinely advises clients concerning obligations to keep data private. We have negotiated terms of data-sharing agreements between companies. And we routinely advise clients concerning how they use information others might call private.

Privacy concerns are at the top of regulatory radar screens, and even the smallest enterprise can find itself subject to multiple regulatory schemes that grow increasingly complex and often overlap - or at times conflict - with other obligations.

Digital communication is essential to most businesses regardless of size, industry or geographic boundaries. Thomas & LoCicero attorneys are ready to help you obtain and manage electronic information.

Our success forcing public agencies to disclose information is unequaled. Following the 2000 election, our attorneys helped the nation's leading newspapers gather data about voting in Florida, including absentee voter information from all Florida's 67 counties. More recently, we convinced a court to order the disclosure of dependency court data that judicial administrators sought to conceal. We’ve also litigated matters related to COVID-19 cases within Florida long-term care facilities, and we helped clients obtain statewide COVID-19 fatality and school infection data.  These are just some examples of our extensive experience helping clients gather information.



Often the needs of a client are best served through arbitration or mediation rather than the pursuit of a courtroom trial.  At TLo, Gregg D. Thomas is a certified federal and state court mediator who combines wide-ranging litigation experience with realistic assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of parties' claims and defenses. As Gregg has noted, "In almost every case, the parties stand to gain by compromising. If they continue to litigate, they are more likely to lose time, money, and peace of mind."

Gregg recognizes that the parties, not the mediator, settle cases. But he also believes that as a mediator he can provide the parties with an impartial and realistic perspective on their case, and a chance to put litigation behind them.  Gregg's approach to mediation derives from more than 40 years as a civil and commercial litigator, and from having clerked for two federal district court judges. 

Thomas & LoCicero frequently arbitrates cases before the American Arbitration Association (AAA), the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). In arbitration we seek to achieve the optimal result in an efficient and economical manner.

Defamation law, invasion of privacy, and constitutional claims are the areas in which he is best known, but Gregg also has extensive real-world experience in many other fields, including business torts, contracts, deceptive and unfair trade practices, non-competition agreements, trade secrets, RICO, and Section 1983 actions.